Read your stitch sorry what your going through I know is hard to GAL with 3 kids myself I have a d9,s9 and s8 who turning 9 soon too. I usually GAL with friend's who have kids too. All I can say stop having sex with H your not his stepping mat whenever he wants I remember W she did that like 2 weeks before leaving we made love and next day was like nothing I thought we where back to normal she said am still leaving I was shock and after almost 10yrs I felt dirty disgusted used words couldn't even describe it. So you must stand your grounds. Remember your kids are watching you want to teach your boys to be better men's and your d to be treated right as a princess. We are here mom4 listening and protect your finances your credit this will not be his first big toy they shop like money grows in the tree.

Lesbian marriage
S9,D9,S8 adopted all three
Together almost 10yrs
Bomb Drop - April 2017
W movedout - May,2017
OW June,2017
Currently 2018
Me40, W38