Hi there,

I was wondering, Is it possible for H to return to "the tunnel" after all this time?

No Contact & Anger
I have the 'NC' approach re him. This seems to have made him VERY ANGRY recently - re *visit, below. It is as though he starts the day wanting to pick a fight (through txt msgs). He appears to be trying to find character flaws with me (to trap?? dunno ..)

I was told that because I 'moved on with my life' recently, that this angered him. He did not realize how much I moved on until not long ago.

*The Impromptu Visit & The Big 'Reveal'
i did not expect him. xh happily popped over one day without notifying me. He was a bit surprised. The 'new' problem started with that ...

We were not close of course, & more so since the separation as expected. Exchanged msgs when necessary. He was doing his thing & i was trying HARD as you know! laugh but that visit, revealing some differences in my life, changed much re him.
After the visit, he began initiating dialog (not interest - Im may still be too old! grin & of course this need to communicate was in "interest of child", c) - but I didn't respond as he wanted. i also did not accept a recent invitation because he still projects his mother's behaviour (should something happen), is consistently suspicious of me and punishes me for it. So I AVOID - i dont need it!!! He was persistent about that invitation & not happy about the 'no-acceptance' .

The persistence continued, and eventually he stopped (as I was not encouraging anyway). Recently though, the msgs are 'seething-raging'. Nothing to implicate himself, but he may be angry that I am not 'complying'. Something is very, very different. confused
He continues to get pity from a few people re what a b* Ive been & is really good with the lies. Clearly, very smart & charming.

Possible at this LATE stage?
Could that be possible tho? A return to tunnel at this stage?!!? eek Sometimes, i dont know why I feel that he's up to something. Its a strange, subtle but strong (anger) ... if that makes any sense

M: 15 yrs (in 2014)
BD: 6/03/2014
Infidelity ('known' from July 2014)
Denied PA Feb 2015
2 leave Mar 2015 (left early Summer). Some contact.
Back briefly 2017 (after family death)
Separated 2017