Thanks! Curious, I have read dozen of stories from different people, but I wonder if I am missing a better way to search for successful outcomes.

Realistically, I know a lot of people start posting and then disappear before they ever share the outcome of their situation. There are others that share success stories in a paragraph or 2 after the fact, which Virginia posts and can also be found on the main DB website. These are good, but the success stories do not provide level of insight that a dozen or so journal-ling threads do over the course of months.

Is there some way to search threads by ongoing vs complete and then by what the outcome of the relationship was, if it is complete? If not, might there be some way to add a tag of sorts to the threads to facilitate such a feature?

Me: 28
W: 28
No Kids
Together: 10 years
Married: 3 years
ILYBIDLY: 11/2/17
She moved out: 11/15/17