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Cadet, could you clarify the rules around recommending books? Obviously DB/DR is good to go and other books specifically on avoiding divorce etc are likely off limits. What about supplemental books? For example, books on affirmation or books on codependency? At this point, I have picked up and read probably 15 randomly tangential books (as I am sure many people do when things start to go south) with another 10 or so in the mail. I have no vested interest in any of the books or anything like that, just curious how to best help others if I find something that works for me. Some of the books I have were bought used as they have been out of print since the 80/90s.

I have seen others recommend some supplemental titles, but again, I am very thankful for the resource of this forum and the community, so I want to stay well within the allowed bounds!

I made a post about this earlier in this thread


At this point my suggestion is that you stick with MWD's books on these forums.

There are other recommendations out there that you can read about however I would avoid posting too much about them and stick with the person that pays the bills here.

I hope that helps.

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