Good afternoon, everyone. Seems like its been a while since I visited, hope everyone is hanging in there. Last time on "Sunny Days", Sunny had broken up with MyCutie and was facing a hurricane......

LOL. And in a plot twist, MyCutie came to ride out the hurricane with me and D15, it was a really great weekend. He had called to check on me, found out I was going to be by myself (at the time I thought D15 was going to evacuate with her dad), and he didn't want me to be alone. So that's the way it played out. I was really happy to have him here.

And.....I ended up going to the sailboat show in Annapolis with him after all. He asked me to, and I said yes. It was a really wonderful weekend. But no, none of that adds up to us dating again. Which leads me to.....

In the past week, I went on two first / last dates. Nice guys, just not for me. It was the first date since MyCutie. It's tough not to compare new guys to him, but the part I need to remember to compare is the "he broke up with me" part. And these guys are asking me out. I don't especially like the beginning stages of dating, but you can't get to the middle parts without the beginning. So I do it.

My nephew (Mr. P's sister's son) got married in September and I went to the wedding in another state. It was a very small wedding and I had the pleasure of sitting near and at times making small talk with the duck. That's all I have to say about that.

I'm coming up on a year at my job, that's still going well. I still hang out with friends when I can manage it in the schedule. I'm re-doing my bedroom, and it's about time because I hadn't touched it (other than the closet) since the D.

I hope everyone is doing OK. Stop by and say hello. smile

"Don't look back, you aren't going that way"