Time for some minor update, nothing is happening in my sitch right now really. We are waiting for mediation regarding our D which starts in a few weeks. Neither of us has brought it up or wanted to discuss it. We do get along but both of us always concentrate on our D and puts her in between us at exchange. We also met at an event at Kindergarten (W wanted to join, it was "my" day) and it was like a long exchange.

I feel like it is easier to give her an authentic smile when I see W. Guess that GAL, excercise, no fights or arguments and ot much time together has effect over time. But it has taken a long time to get here, 5 months since BD and moving out approaches.

Sounds like W left D at parents this weekend and went somewhere to see friends (comments from D about her weekend). I instantly start to think about OM, but that does not really get my spinning at the moment. I am still able to keep myself calm. I had some really good days lately and started to plan an actual new life. But I think that I still feel deep down that it will be allright in the end (with W, family etc).

Now I am on my way to the gym, wish you all luck with your sitches!

H-30s W-30s
M-5 T-10
W moves out-May/17
D filed-May/17
House sold, move to apartment-Aug/17
D going through-Jan/18?