fwiw, my attorney's said the "usual" temporary support hearing is 3-4 months BUT b/c I had medical issues, they thought it could be faster,

Filed mid October, the hearing was the END of January...so 3.5 months. Not faster.

If I had it all to do over again, I would probably interview more attorneys (I met 3)

but then again, I would not have gotten sick either.

H reached out to my brother (an attorney) last week. Seems he's as tired of the legal costs as I am, or more so.

One the problem h will have (that I won't) is his being in contempt of court. (times 3 by my count)

Which supposedly means he will pay all our legal fees, which would be something...

UGH, as a L myself, I can see so much more clearly why people get frustrated with this - so much so that they give up. I'm pretty amazed at what I'm learning.

Even so, I hope you will not give up- and here is why...because

This is the most important financial transaction of your life. Please remember to treat it as such, even when it gets really challenging.

FWIW Chances are that your h won't enjoy it much either.

((( )))

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