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He did decline/refute to pay child support saying I have the means to support the children. He declined basically everything else, me having the house, property, helping with medical insurance for the kids, and of course alimony. Thing is ... he's in a rush to leave and I'm in no hurry to get this divorce done so time is on my side as far as fighting for what the boys and I deserve.

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!! I just hope I never come across your H and know who he is because I would be so tempted to put a fist backed by years of shared anger and frustration from this forum right through his face, LOL! Wow, words fail me. How could ANY man just walk away from his children and move to another state where he will see them rarely if ever? Refuse to contribute financially AT ALL to them? People like him to not deserve the honor of fatherhood in the first place. Do you have a lock of his hair you can send me? I'm going to look into how to make a voodoo doll mad

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