Hi all, guess I should update a bit. I'll try to keep it brief.

We are still in NC and still without power at home. Our neighborhood, historically, is always the last to get power and in talking with the utilities company this morning we're looking at at least a week frown I work Friday so we will be having to come home soon to deal with it.

On the H front, he is back in PA with OW. He didn't tell me about this, he had been texting me and I sent a message that I wouldn't be responding while he was with her. And now for the drum roll ... he's moving there. My attorney told me a couple weeks ago and I'm still processing it. Anyway, long story short he's wanting to get the D over with ASAP because he's moving there. He's already working in one of his work locations up there that he will transfer to.

I would like to say I'm shocked? Those of you who followed my story last time know how nuts he was. He didn't move last time because his OW lived here but I wouldn't have put that past him if she didn't. He's contesting the divorce (duh) but did agree for me to be the primary custodian of the boys. WHEW that's s weight lifted. Basically he will still have time sharing but all decision making will be mine ON MY OWN. I won't have to ask permission to do ANYTHING. we can move, we can travel, we can do whatever we want without him holding us under his finger! If there's one good bit of news I got it was that! He did decline/refute to pay child support saying I have the means to support the children. He declined basically everything else, me having the house, property, helping with medical insurance for the kids, and of course alimony. Thing is ... he's in a rush to leave and I'm in no hurry to get this divorce done so time is on my side as far as fighting for what the boys and I deserve.

On a happy note... for those of you that love Train- she is sweeter and more awesome in person! I am seriously so thankful for her and all of you by she has been my one on one Dr. Phil smile her family is pretty awesome too, even her husband:)

M 31 H 34
S 6 S 9
BD 2/14 Piecing 8/14