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Hi all,

Well I did it. I stuffed his truck full of 6 huge black heavy duty garbage bags of all his stuff every single thing - clothing, shoes, mail, magazines, drink cups, you name it it was in there. The only things left here is all his crap in the garage.

I packed it all in the truck and put the heaviest bag in the driver seat because the passenger side was up against a wall so just to make it difficult for him. I found a 'best dad ever' frame he or someone must have gotten him. I took the picture of the kids out and put the picture of him and OW making out. I placed he frame standing up on the dash of his truck. You can see it from a mile away. Pretty sure he's gonna sh!t himself. Locks are changed .... here we go

Oh and ginger - your H sounds like a real winner. Gag me!

This is the best post i have ever read on these forums.

M: 42
H: 43
Twins age 5
WAH in summer