T0, I get it. I really really get it. But this is not you. frown

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so just to make it difficult for him.

T0, as I said. I get it. I will not be a defender of your H, hes done some very indefensible things (things that just boggle the mind), and the guy deserves to get a D, and live in a s#!tty one bedroom studio walk-up living over a smoker and next to an aspiring heavy metal drummer.

But (and I say this will all sorts of love and respect):

DON'T/STOP doing things that make him be able to blame you for his s#!tty life!

By no means am I suggesting you be a doormat, but don't stick a finger in his eye just for the millisecond of self satisfaction. Those kinds of behaviors create long, drawn out expensive divorces that only succeed in making the attorneys rich.

There is not a single thing that has changed that should take you off DB'ing your H (and again, I am not suggesting you forgive and forget, beg him to stay, work toward reconciliation, etc.).

Your path should continue to be about making a better YOU!

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Got pictures of H at the concert and pictures of him and one of the OW kissing at the concert and she's wearing some sparkly diamond earrings.

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I found a 'best dad ever' frame he or someone must have gotten him. I took the picture of the kids out and put the picture of him and OW making out. I placed he frame standing up on the dash of his truck. You can see it from a mile away. Pretty sure he's gonna sh!t himself.

Feel better? I say that because of the ounce of satisfaction you have from this, could have been a potential 25lbs to surprise him with during a mediation/hearing or formal custody hearing.

Now he has all sorts of time to "get his story straight".

The last thing I will point out is Newtons Third Law:

"for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"

Remember, for the most part, you will be seeing him for at least the next 18 years, and potentially having to sit next to him at 3 weddings, 3 college graduations and limitless birthdays and funerals.

DO you want to sit next to the guy who thinks "man I f**ked up, she deserved better" or the guy who brings hoochie earrings girl, tells her to dress slutty because it pi$$e$ TO off?

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