I know what you had to do sUcked, but I think you really needed to do it just as you did. Genius with the frame, btw.

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Wow T, way to go. Get ready for the lies about how it was nothing (or didn't start until he "moved out") and you are so awful and this is why he had to do what he had to do.

Then let go of all that and live your life. Remember living well being the best revenge? Your life sounds amazing with all the activity and the people in it. Savor every drop.

Own it is right about the stories he is going to make up. How he is going to make an excuse or downplay it. My winner of an exH was caught by the card, and said she was just someone he was dating, (ya know, a few weeks after he left me, in his head, there is nothing wrong with that) A few months later I found out he was making out with a woman in the bathroom at his work Christmas party (when D was 3 months old and we were together" The first year on the job he told me the wives are invited by no one brings them but he was proud of his wife and wanted me to come. The next year all of a sudden it was "oh, I don't want you to come, I got made fun of for bringing you (not true). OW was there. Anyways, he told me "they just happened to be under mistletoe, the person saw it wrong". BTW, my dad and him worked for a few months as court officers in the same court house before my dad retired. He had vey reliable sources.

I actually did not find out the cheating began in my pregnancy until we were already divorced and he was engaged. Dumbass left his email open on my computer and there was pictures of them from when I was in my third trimester.

Moral of the story? They will only admit to the level of what you know. They will never give you more until they have to because they were caught.

But like ownit said, it doesn't matter, you got what you need, and now your path is forward continuing to be a kickass woman and mom.

You can wake up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror. Take pride in that.