First off, I am sorry you had to see those pictures. Even when we know it is happening, the hard evidence is still tough to handle.

Funny story? Well, at least funny now. Thenight my ex dropped the bomb, I left the house with my 6 month old daughter to go live with my dad and stepmom. I lived there for 2 and a half months, but my job was still in another state, so we agreed in between 2 night shifts, I would sleep at the house and he would go to his sisters. One day I saw a fed ex envelope with our tax stuff in it, so I took it out and out fell a card. One that played the song "Let's get it on" and had written in "love "H". This is how I discovered the affair. A few months prior for V-day I had gotten ex a card that played our wedding song. I left both of them on the kitchen counter. Oh and I promptly changed "H" to "WHORE" in the card. Did he try to deny it? Of course. this was 5 weeks after the bomb and he tells me "did you expectme not to date?" and I said, "In LOVE in 5 weeks?" he said "oh, yeah, well, she's going a little over board."

I can laugh at this story now. And he is married to "H" for 6 years now.

I absolutely say you tape it to the steering wheel and say "don't come home".

My ex's story was just aas crazy as buying diamond earings to pawn. Because we all know pawning gets you about the 3rd of the original value.

I am proud of you. I know how difficult this is, I have been there. I know you are probably sick of hearing you deserve so much better, but oh man do you. And he deserves exactly what he is going to get.