To just top things all off, this guy was supposed to mail back this necklace (and refused to meet my friends or have someone come get it), right? So I get a postcard in the mail today. It's a postage due notice. He didn't put enough postage on it. He put 3 stamps on like a bubble envelope package and thought that would work. I had to go to the post office and pay to get my own things back. SERIOUSLY. I cannot even comprehend how thoughtless people can be. Then one of his friends mentioned they were all invited to his new house Saturday. So much for being too busy to make time for people/a relationship. It was all a lie (but I know you all knew that anyway... I just needed to get it through my head).

Me:30 H:29, no kids
T:12, M:4 (when D was final)
12/13: "Don't think I want to be M anymore"
6/14: Separated (I move)
1/15: H filed for D
5/15: D final