let your parents be as they wish. Short of cussing him out or punching him, there's no need to micromanage their r's.

Of course they feel differently now -he's the man who broke their daughter's heart, twice. (They'd be as crazy as he is if they pretended all is well.)

As for his gestures of help, yay. "Better late than never" could be your internal mantra.
No one who knows the situation is going to shake their heads at you for "just divorcing him for no reason"...

and those who don't know don't matter. I struggle with this b/c my FIL and his wife have not reached out to me. That hurts, tbh.

You have a lot of good friends and close family. (Me too and heck, I don't need them all!) Plus, we have no control over this anyway.

I spent a lot of time thinking maybe I could reach out to them with just the right words said in the correct order and then -then--then they'd see me as valuable and then....then what?? Choose me?? His family won't choose me over him, pretty much no matter what.
So there's no point in going there.

Your MIL is a weak frightened woman. I actually pity her. She reminds me of my late MIL. A gentle but emotionally fragile woman who'd never stand up to h. She spoiled h and in hindsight, I guess that was a problem. Anyhow, enough said.

Your kids love you. Which makes sense!

You are doing great personal work. You may not know it b/c you are mired in the minutiae, but it's real growth.

You are a strong beautiful smart woman with a lot of love in your life.

I can't wait to see what you create in your new life!

((( )))

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