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Side note : my parents do not engage with H anymore. They will respond if he talks to them but they do not make conversation and we say with the other families.

You didn't ask... Nor is necessarily your responsibility. But since you do know this about your parents, you may want to have a talk with them:

I can understand (and appreciate) their loyalty to you, but their stopping engagement with H is not really a good thing. They do not need to be his best friend, call him for plans every Wednesday night, or go fishing every weekend.

IMhO, they should still continue open and reasonable lines of communication with him. Including being the ones to engage him first. God willing they will be interacting with him for the next 17+ years, and if H needs an emergency sitter in 3 years on his custody weekend, its better for him to have your parents as a "neutral ally" then leaving kids with a potential unknown "significant other".

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