Let me start by saying: I GET IT smile All of a sudden he is attempting to "show" change (not consistent, meaningful change... just potentially a show).


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He doesn't help at home at all.

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He then offered to pick up our son from soccer.
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I just said thanks for the offer but the boys have the same ride they've always had.
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He offered to take the baby so I could eat. I politely declined (I had to feed the baby) he told me to go sit down and he would finish making lunches.

IMhO, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Let him participate, and help.

If its not consistent or becomes passe' that is on him. But to deny even the opportunity... its on you.

When I said back to DB basics...

I've been acting AS IF. Nothing seems to phase him. Hell he hasn't acknowledged I filed for D or anything of the sort.

Its not supposed to phase him where you see it. Its supposed to hit internally.

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