Hi Wounded - exactly what 25 said about the comment with the baby. He doesn't help at home at all. In fact after he was parading around soccer when practice was over and it was time to go home he didn't come 'home' he didn't walk in the door until 1030. So he doesn't do the real work of being a parent he just puts on this facade in front of everyone. No help with dinner, showers, homework, lunches, feeding the baby or even just holding him so I could do everything, etc.

I've been acting AS IF. Nothing seems to phase him. Hell he hasn't acknowledged I filed for D or anything of the sort.

He sent my parents and me a text yesterday saying hi it's H, this is my new number.

I replied : Hey! Thanks for the info. I already had the number. I have a lot more, too, as I'm sure you can imagine. I'm ready to have that talk you suggested Sunday and discuss you moving out again. Tonight good?

H: talking to my lawyer this afternoon have to make sure he's okay with it first.

Me: okay great! Let me know smile

H: sounds good.

He then offered to pick up our son from soccer. He's starting his paper trail. First of all he's gone to more practices in the last 2 weeks the. He has in all the years of soccer and prior to taking to his attorney he never communicated if he was going to offer to pick him up for me.

I just said thanks for the offer but the boys have the same ride they've always had.

He got home, I was cooking and happy said hello. I made him a plate. He offered to take the baby so I could eat. I politely declined (I had to feed the baby) he told me to go sit down and he would finish making lunches. I thanked him and left the room. He told me S9 was upset he wasn't starting this weekend and that coach said his head wasn't in the game. I took that opportunity (for the FIRST time through all of this) to say well you know why right? He's really worried, stressed and upset about everything that's going on. His coach had a talk with me this week that he can see everything affecting him. I said S9 cried to my dad and I the other night about how worried he is that's why he stayed with my dad the other night because we both had a talk with him. H said 'I know' and I continued walking down the hallway and didn't say another word about it.

He also didn't bring up my request to talk so I didn't go there. Not sure if I should bring this up again soon because I want it clear I want him out even thought I can't FORCE him out.

I also let H know our account was overdrawn fromchim not making the full house payment. He said he would take care of it today.

Anyway, that's about it. I'm going away for the weekend with the boys for their soccer tournament and I booked us a nice hotel where all our friends are staying. I felt the boys needed something to take their mind off of everything.

M 31 H 34
S 6 S 9
BD 2/14 Piecing 8/14