First, I am sorry that the situation has come to this. I can see you are in a tough spot. But I think you are losing sight of a lot of the DB principles.

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He accepted service of the petition so H won't be served at work nor is he surprised. Just another frustrating aspect of more crap going his way.

Very true, he has probably been preparing for some time behind the scenes. However... DB it:

Act as if!

I didn't get any word from him. He came home as normal. Acting like nothing.
And if he did come home, to pick a fight? You didn't react either way. Good work!

I honestly didn't think he would come here.

Why would you think that?

I haven't let on that I'm frustrated but my blood is boiling inside. I want to ask him to leave. I need him out of the house. I am losing my mind.
Good that you are steadfast with not letting on about your frustration. My unsolicited advice would be to just kill him with kindness. If you want him out, that will do the trick smile

He came to soccer practice the other night and he never shows up there so he's putting on his dad of the year [censored]. Then he holds the baby the whole time when he never holds the baby at home. He's held the baby more since Sunday than he has since he was born.

How is this a bad thing?

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Not a safe situation

T0 Did I miss something? I don't recall there any issues with your H and abuse/violence?

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no reason for him to be there.

Sorry, devils advocate here: no reason, other then he is 1/2 owner?

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