Well, I guess it tells you he already had a L...so you can expect him to behave like a duplicitous s**t without the b***s to talk to you directly about a plan to protect his family...and a big sign from the universe that you have nothing to feel guilty about.

Check with your L on how you can get him out of the house now. You need some control and a sense of safety, and your H is not going to suddenly start acting decently. I suspect if you asked him to leave he'd refuse just to be an entitled asshat. And protect yourself financially.

I'm sorry. I know that even if your M had to end, this isn't the way you'd choose.

Me: 53 H:38
T:20 M:14
BD ILYB etc 10/15, H diagnosed severe depression
S 1/16
PA 4/16
H filed 1/17