Sandi- I'm so sorry to hear I can't imagine losing my mom and a child especially so close together. I'm glad she met someone that appreciated and loved her for better or worse.

Well H found out somehow I filed. My attorney got a call from an attorney very shortly after the petition posted online this morning from an attorney claiming to represent H. He accepted service of the petition so H won't be served at work nor is he surprised. Just another frustrating aspect of more crap going his way.

I didn't get any word from him. He came home as normal. Acting like nothing.

He came in the boys room where we were hanging said hi and participated in a little conversation then went showered and asked to hold the baby and is out there to himself.

I also shut his phone off today and changed some of the locks but not the front door. My attorney said I could and I planned on it because I honestly didn't think he would come here.

I haven't let on that I'm frustrated but my blood is boiling inside. I want to ask him to leave. I need him out of the house. I am losing my mind.

He came to soccer practice the other night and he never shows up there so he's putting on his dad of the year [censored]. Then he holds the baby the whole time when he never holds the baby at home. He's held the baby more since Sunday than he has since he was born. After soccer he didn't come home til 1030 at night... soccer ended at 730. I didn't say anything but I don't know how much longer I can take of this.

Any advice is appreciated.

M 31 H 34
S 6 S 9
BD 2/14 Piecing 8/14