Somehow I missed that your dear daughter passed away. OMG, what??
I'm so terribly sad for you and your h. It is the worst kind of loss. It's "out of order" in nature.

Thank you, 25. Yes, I lost my mother and in less than 12 months later, we lost our D. She suffered so badly the past several years, she really had very little quality of life. I lost the two most important females in my life less than a year apart.

RE Your former sonInLaw - bad news that he is, has lost a treasure in your daughter and a lifetime of honor as a husband and father. And he is married to an OW, a woman another person living a life without honor as a mother or woman. I'd hate to be her friend or sister (or kid). Ugh...I would be banned if I wrote out what I think of them.

It was very painful for our entire family, b/c we treated him like a son. Our D was blessed some years later when she married again. This H was mature enough to take care of her and deal with her disease, and he wasn't out chasing skirts. He made her happy and was with her till the end. So, I agree with your statement about good men are still out there.

Thanks for caring.

It is not about what you feel should work in your M. It is about doing the work that gets the right results. Do what works!