Sandi I Love the breast feeding analogy. The imagery is powerful, and yeah, funny too.

There's another one of a monkey who won't let go of one vine until he grabs another. God forbid he's ever "left hanging" without clutching a vine in his paw. But it's fine to leave a spouse hanging, whether pregnant, with a newborn, whatever. It's about them b/c they matter the most, and sometimes at the expense of others (but...oh well).

When you said your son in law probably "Loved" your d, but just not as much as he valued his freedom/OW's/more money/ and or the shiny new object.

As painful as it is to end a marriage, T - you have to

know in your head AND (in time) heart,

that staying in said marriage would NOT lead you to more happiness or more love. I promise you that is true. There's such a thing as cutting your losses, and walking away from the table.

There really are good men out there. I realize you don't "need" to have a man,

but rest assured you won't have a good man in your life while you are clutching to a guy like your present h. I'm sorry, T. I just know you are going to be more than alright, on the other side of this.

((( )))

M: 57 H: 60
M: 35 yrs
H off to Alaska 2006
Recon 7/07- 8/08
X = "ALASKA 2.0"
I File D 10/16
DIV 2/26/2018
X marries OW 5/2016

Embrace the Change