Today is S7 birthday! We started off the morning with meet the teacher. I'm a little upset he got the teacher we didn't want so I'm looking into a private school Monday morning.

I'm no authority, so take this FWIW. Balancing out each class according to race, gender, IEP's, Standard Test Scores, etc........can be challenging. Sometimes the one in charge of class scheduling can swap students without too much of a problem. It might pay you to speak with the school principal, counselor, or district school superintendent and let them know that if they cannot switch classes for your child, then you will go the private school route. State monies are issued to public school districts based, in part, on the student population, so every pupil is worth so many thousands of dollars to the district. (You probably already knew this....but in case it helps someone else). Your district may not be hurting for more students, but again......they may. Also, if there is a nearby public school district that you could use, check out the School Choice Act. Just a thought. Btw, private schools cannot always give you the teacher of your preference, either. Either way, I wish you the best of luck, b/c you don't need this additional source of stress.

I think my problem is I feel H is validated by a lot of people. Even my own mom says things like well he is just done he doesn't love you and he doesn't want to be married. It happens all the time. People just decide they aren't right for each other. I get so annoyed and frustrated hearing these things because it's BS in my opinion

I don't see this as validation, but I get what you are saying. It's as if they are letting him off the hook gently.......almost making excuses for him......bless his little ole pea picking heart. Hey, if your family won't smack talk your H, you can always look me up. I'm usually pretty good in that department. smirk.

My dad says if I wouldn't have given him [censored] about the flowers and his behavior H would have just slid under the radar. But now that I know what he's capable of because of last BD I called him on his crap and he wasn't used to that person because pre BD 1 I would have just let his behavior go and not think much of it

I agree. My question to you, since you say the M was good............do you regret calling him on his cr@p? If so, are you blaming yourself for making that decision? B/c it's almost like he has a split personality. One personality is out for xx amount of time.......then wham......the other one comes out. To me, that appears to be an unstable situation.

I realize above anyone else that I have not been in the LBW's shoes, so I hope you won't resent me if I tell you some of the things I do. Sometimes, when I read behind the writings of LBW's I wonder if I just have a block of ice for a heart. Is it normal to blame yourself for your H losing his moral compass? Is it normal for the LBW to want him back, knowing he is capable of putting her through this again? Is it normal to focus on how wonderful the M was.......before he decided to betray his pregnant W........and want that guy back again? I suppose it might be, IDK. As I've previously told you, our D left her cheating H the last few months into her high risk pregnancy. He had to D her, so he could marry the OW he got pregnant. And, I tried my best to comfort her the day he M the OW, b/c her heart was breaking. It was frustrating for me, watching her cry over the man who would do this to her and their unborn child. Years later, that child still suffers from never having a relationship with his father and feeling accepted and loved like his half siblings. And guess what? It is not the child's fault. The wife nor the child determined that man's morals. He continued with the same behavior through out his other M's. He drove thousands of miles to attend my D's funeral, (with his new woman who was half his age) and I think he loved my D.......but he did not love her more than appeasing his lust for other women. So yes, my D made the right decision to dump his cheating a$$ and give him the freedom to deposit his sperm wherever he wished. B/c whether she set him free or not.......he was going to continue his bad behavior. The sad part is he is a wonderful person in every other way. He's just a sorry H (and has been a sorry father to my grandchild). So.......in my book, that tarnishes him as a man. Case closed.

Then you have some men who are simply too weak. They need to be nourished via breast feeding. They leave Mother's breast and go straight to another woman's breast. They are never without the female breast for any lengthy period of time, less they perish. They often have a spare female waiting in the wings, just in case. When they marry, they expect regular and equal nursing time before anything or anyone else gets attention. If they are taken off the W's breast....for whatever reason....they quickly (almost panicking) look for another woman who will breast feed him. sick

It is not about what you feel should work in your M. It is about doing the work that gets the right results. Do what works!