Time for an update. The last paragraph on my last post turned out to be prophetic. MyCutie broke it off with me the day before we hit the five month mark. He couldn't get over the distance, schedule difference, and timeframe for the future. He wanted more of me than I had to give. He wanted more
of my time when the distance between us is an hour. He was ready to go off on long adventures, I need to get a teenager through high school. I get it. I wanted those things too, but was coming at it from a different angle. I thought I had found someone I could plan a joint future with, and it seems he already had a future planned and just needed someone to drop into it. And I didn't fit.

I've done some moping, but I'm ok. The ironic part is that he dumped me two days before my girls went on vacation, so I had the most free time I was ever going to have. I had been looking forward to spending it with him all summer.

So, life goes on. I work, I hang with friends, I have some projects planned around the house. I'm grateful for all the good. When I find a guy who wants to build a future with me, I'll be grateful for that too. Until then, I'm just fine.

"Don't look back, you aren't going that way"