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Sorry Cadet I still have no clue why the hyperlink doesn't work.

Nothing new to report. Today is S7 birthday! We started off the morning with meet the teacher. I'm a little upset he got the teacher we didn't want so I'm looking into a private school Monday morning.

wow, that's a really bad teacher if you want to change schools for it! Yikes! Can you try getting the better one, first? Just asking.


Ginger - thank you for validating me. I think my problem is I feel H is validated by a lot of people. Even my own mom says things like well he is just done he doesn't love you and he doesn't want to be married. It happens all the time. People just decide they aren't right for each other.

believing your h feels as he says he feels and acts, is not "validating" him, imo. That would be like saying "Your h loves himself more than he loves anyone else" is the same as saying

"and that's fine/healthy/normal for a dad/h", which it is not.

I get so annoyed and frustrated hearing these things because it's BS in my opinion. Yes I am FAR from perfect but I know it wasn't bad. We didn't have a bad marriage. Things were good until I had a rough pregnancy and school.

You are defending yourself here^^^^. You can stop that now. No one here believes you failed.

My dad says if I wouldn't have given him [censored] about the flowers and his behavior H would have just slid under the radar. But now that I know what he's capable of because of last BD I called him on his crap and he wasn't used to that person because pre BD 1 I would have just let his behavior go and not think much of it

cry cry Please ask your dad, who is probably my age, to STOP Saying this.

How is the second guessing helpful?? It creates more self doubt in you and makes it seem as if being in denial & meekly accepting $h1tty behavior, would've been better in some way. I so disagree.

you were placed in an impossible position, a confusing maze of behaviors in your face, while pregnant.

NO healthy woman, let alone a woman with income potential & self respect could've long ignored it.

Your dad means well, but all this speculation isn't helming you. Are you asking him his opinion?

And finally, I don't believe your H is going to be shocked by your filing for D, no matter what he says to you.

He is laying the PR groundwork for filing or at least leaving, himself. Hence the mutual friends talking to you. He is working on his image management, which you do Not need to do.

Any man leaving his w & 3 kids at your kid's ages, can't look like a great guy in any scenario. At this point in his life, H worries far more about how his choices are viewed by others, than by whether they are moral choices.

You have nothing to manage in the PR department. I mean it. The situation speaks for itself.

Please just get thru the week & find some moments...

Happy Birthday to your 7 year old!!

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