Thanks Ginger!

I was emailing a friend today and he had asked about MyCutie and I was trying to explain the difference between dating in my 20s and now, 30 years later. It's so much harder now, and so much easier at the same time. It's harder to find guys that's aren't carrying a ton of baggage who are interested in a woman my age and not in a boy toy kind of way. Lol. And it's easier because I'm much clearer on my deal breakers and at the same time my circle is so much wider. I'm not looking for someone who can support me or father my children. MyCutie is not someone I would have considered in my 20s. But here he is.

It's not all roses. I'm learning he can be very moody. He tends to man-cave from time to time and questions our relationship when he does. We are in fact very different people, we have really different backgrounds, we come from different cultures. Some of my family won't accept him and he knows it. And it may not work out in the long run. But I find myself looking at this all as a learning experience. Whether my newly gained knowledge will apply to my relationship with MyCutie or some other remains to be seen. The crazy part is that im ok with either.

"Don't look back, you aren't going that way"