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OK Sunny, I posted my updates, time for yours. I had to dig this thread up from underneath a T-Rex skeleton!

Yeah......I've postponed an update because I just have nothing exciting to say. I really don't.

My college kiddos have been home for weeks now, it's different having a full house again and there have been a few adjustments, but overall it's a good thing. S21 will be here another week and then he's heading back to his college town for the rest of the summer. D19 will be here until August, and of course D14 is here all the time.

Work is fine, nothing new there. It's my company's 50th anniversary year and theres a gala in August to celebrate. I have known about it a while but just asked MyCutie this weekend to attend with me. Which brings me to....

MyCutie and I are coming up on four months together. We're taking it slow, and I'll admit some of that is due to distance and conflicting work schedules. But that's ok, I'm not in a hurry. Earlier today he was talking about something he wanted to go to in Annapolis and he was saying that he could drive up and spend a few days and I could fly up for the weekend and meet him there. And I realized he was talking about October. That was nice. We had some good conversations this weekend. He's had a very different life than I've had up to this point, and some of his stories are way out of my experience. Still, he feels safe and solid and I"m happy for now.

Mr. P and the duck bought a house together and I've had even less to do with him since then. I took his house key back, made it clear that he wasn't to come in my house without my express permission, and I rarely talk to him outside conducting kid logistics and business. When we do, we are friendly, but I just don't care to have much to do with him. The kids have all been frustrated with him over various things recently, and they'll vent to me, but I don't get in the middle of it. He's showing who he is to them, and they know I'll be there for them when he's not. That's the way it's always been, this is just another level of it. Still, I'm grateful that they get along with him at all, and I gave them some $$ to take him to dinner tonight for Father's Day. Sadly, my money also paid for the duck's dinner but that couldn't be helped.

That's it for me. My good life rolls on.

"Don't look back, you aren't going that way"