Thanks, Ginger! I am getting along very well with MyCutie, we spent most of this weekend together. Somehow we are figuring out the distance thing, even though it's not ideal. It forces us to take things slowly, we talk on the phone a great deal, maybe more than we would if we lived closer. Overall, not a bad thing. But I'm not sure I see us still doing this in a year, I'm not entirely sure. But I'm not willing to break it off because of that, I'm willing to give it time and see how we manage to integrate our lives. In the meantime, I have never felt so much myself and so taken care of in my life.

We had a conversation this weekend about goals and he has some clear ones in regards to his career and lifestyle. He wants someone to share those things with. I'm not as clear about my goals, and it's not that his are different than mine, but I am no longer willing to set my goals aside for someone like I did when I was married. I'll support his goals, but I need to give some thought about what mine are and how those could fit together. I will never set myself aside again, and MyCutie wouldn't expect me to.

My D19 is coming home from college today (Mr P went up to get help her move) and my S21 will be home next week. That will be a different dynamic having three kids in the house again. But I'll happily squeeze out one more summer with them.

Not much of an update, and I'm ok with that. smile

"Don't look back, you aren't going that way"