Zues inspired me to post an update, although it's going to be much shorter due to posting from my phone.

My job has been especially challenging due to someone that's one level below me being out unexpectedly for a family emergency. I've had to learn the detailed daily part very quickly, if I don't get those things done the entire department shuts down. So I've come a long way in the last few weeks, and the knowledge of the detail makes my job make so much more sense. It's been good for me.

I took my D14 up to see the other two kiddos at college last weekend, we had such a good time together. I rented an entire house for the weekend so that there was room for all kiddos and friends, space to cook and eat meals and hang out together. I loved it.

MyCutie and I are coming up on the six week mark, a true milestone for me. Other than MyNica, my previous dating record was five weeks and that was just one guy. Most were significantly shorter. So I'm feeling good about this one. There are challenges. Distance. Schedules. The possibility of some social pressures due to background, ethnic, and cultural differences. But he's really putting in effort for me, and I'm very content with our relationship at the moment.

Mr P and the duck closed on their house today. He says they'll be moving at the end of the month. I asked him if I could come see it.

That's it for me, next week will be three years since BD. And life is so good.

"Don't look back, you aren't going that way"