I responded on your thread woke up

Be aware a boundary is a boundary because it is something you state a consequence to first, so if you x then I will y is a boundary, if you just do action y then there is no chance that the other will modify in respect to you.

An action alone is not a boundary and can be seen as controlling and rather random.

So you text OM or OW and now I am puthing your phone in a bucket of water is both controlling and abusive.

If you text OW or OM in my presence then I will request your mobile bill be paid from your account, I will stop the DD on mine.

This allows behaviour to modify and states what you will do if it doesn't. It is under your control and it is your action.

And if WW has a bad back and needs to sleep in an uncomfortable bed her choice. You stay in the MBR.

link for woke up includes great post from Sandi


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