I have been away for awhile. I came here today thinking of Jack/Jeff for some reason. I was thinking about Life being Plan B.

He was my DB Bootcamp mentor. He gave me advice and pushed me hard to go deeper. He gave me light in my darkest days when my H was pushing hard for the D. I still remember and use his words and advice today .

I never knew him IRL, however I imagined him to be larger than life, someone you WANT to know and be around.

His time with me on this board was essential in the continuing development of the person I am today, and I am still not done. His generosity, patience and time was key to where my family is now. And as usual, he was right. Piecing is even harder. I remember him saying that and it keeps me going.

To Jeff's family, my sincere condolences to a man that touched and help save a woman, and eventually a family, half way across the world. May he rest in peace.

Me: 44 H: 42
M14 T17
S10 D7
10/10 H moves out after death of his father-same month
21/04/12 H is 'DONE'
04/05/12 OW/PA confirmed (rumors from 2010)
July '14 H ends affair
May '15 H moves back home