I remember Jack’s appearance on the boards. He arrived around the end of January 2006—and Bworl, he was always Jack_Three_Beans. There are some people that make an impression as someone who already knows where they are going and what to say. Jack was a board leader from almost the first moment. Even when his words may not have seemed so different than others, there was still some unknown quality of leadership and perhaps a charisma. I felt it right away from him and I also always had a sense his marriage would make it.
We did not interact a lot because I think neither of us really needed the other, but I followed his posts and respected him.
There have only been a handful of people that have that immediate quality that lets me know this person is going to lead this place—maybe it’s something about people with the name Jeff.
My posts tend toward the long…to the point of going over post limits even— and formal, whereas Jack could bring across his point with a witty one-liner. I’ve never figured out how to do that. To me one of the funniest was when someone asked if anyone had noticed if female MLCers showed an increase in masturbation.
Jack’s response: 10 Foot Pole.
I think he followed that post with something more, but I almost fell off my chair from laughing at his simple response that succinctly stated how we were all probably feeling.

He approached Standing with dignity, grace, humour and acceptance. I think he knew that his marriage would make it—we both hated odds and said we would be the exception—because we weren’t going to let those odds affect our morale.

To Jeff’s family, my condolences. Please know that your son, father, husband… was a wonderful and great man of convictions. He helped many people through betrayal and lead them to look at themselves and become great.

HUGS and Blessings,

Standing isn't still.