I've taken some time to think about Jeff's "Board" life over the last decade. Jeff came here searching for answers to questions just as we all did. He grew by leaps and bounds, fell down a time or two, but was more than determined to get back up and continue moving forward. He wasn't perfect and he made mistakes just as we all did. What he learned from those mistakes, he was more than happy to share the knowledge with those he posted to. For some, he shared his knowledge and sage advice off the Board and IRL. Jeff was a diamond in the rough back in 2006, but he soon grew into a brilliant diamond who continued to offer sage advice along the way even after his health crisis. Not once did he come here and whine about his illness. It took courage and determination for him to greet each day, but he did it. Jeff truly was a treasure and a man who will not be forgotten. He lived his life to the fullest. He would not want us to mourn him, but rather...celebrate his life.

I'd like to share a poem with you that is entitled "A Death Has Occurred" by Paul Irion.

A Death Has Occurred

A death has occurred and everything is changed.
We are painfully aware that life can never be the same again,
That yesterday is over,
That relationships once rich have ended.

But there is another way to look upon this truth.
If life now went on the same,
Without the presence of the one who had died,
we could only conclude that the life we remember
made no contribution, filled no space, meant nothing.

The fact that this person left behind a place
that cannot be filled is a high tribute to this individual.

Life can be the same after a trinket has been lost,
but never after the loss of a treasure.

Sit quietly, the answers will reveal themselves when you least expect them to.
The past is gone, the present is a gift and you need to focus on today, allow the future to reveal itself when it is ready.