Very sad to hear this news. I have not been on here in quite some time but I can say that I truly owe so much of the best things in life to Jeff.

He held the mirror up for me as he did with so many of us so I could find myself in it.

You were fond of saying character is who you are when the lights go out and no one is watching. Well the lights have gone out and your light is shining.

He shared with me that Jack three beans was his persona of Everyman.... and someone he aspired to be IRL and and knowing him he was greater than J3B.

He always considered judgment beyond his pay grade and everyone else's and exhibited a compassion that is hard to embrace when we are hurting so much when we come here.

Something he taught me that has become a mantra in life is

It is not what someone does TO you but what you do WITH it that is important.



What a f@cking great dude! (Sorry Jeff's mom)

God speed my friend. I will miss you but you are part of my life everyday though you do not know it.

I hope you can see that from where you are. It was a very special life you lived.


My goal is to some day be the person my dog thinks I am