So here goes,

I've been on these boards for some time, ex never in a MLC, but I often followed people over there from newcomers. I read lots of Jeff's advice and it was always thought provoking and really challenged the poster. That's the way I knew it on these boards back in the day.

In the recent years I became IRL friends with some posters from the MLC board who I truly consider family. They are also great friends of Jeff, whom I never met, we may have cross-posted to someone, we weren't even FB friends, but just through these people I knew what an exemplary man he was, how he changed the lives of these friends who I call family. I couldn't wait to meet the guy one day. I almost had the chance on his recent vacation, but unfortunately couldn't make it.

If I never known him from the boards and only my friends, I would still know what kind of guy he was.

RIP Jeff