I'm sitting here just astounded by the impact that J3B has had on so many people.... Strangers no less. This is why the human experience is so incredible and clearly Mr. Beans is one of the great ones.

Like many, I sought out J3Bs threads and posts here during my fairly short tenure thus far on the boards. Yes, he was truly a legend. Brilliant. For us "newer" posters, I think we all felt a sense of honor when he came out of retirement and started posting again. Right off the bat, he was throwing out pearls of wisdom and smacks of reality and I personally couldn't get enough.

My jaw dropped when he posted on my thread. I couldn't believe it. It was like having lunch with a celebrity you've always admired. Just wow. It's humbling to think how one person can positively influence hundreds of others during the most difficult times of their lives.

I'm going to echo what many have said and say that my life is better for having "known" and "learned from" Jeff and I wish nothing but eternal peace for him. He was called home far too soon. I pray for his family and friends during this difficult time and also pray that they smile knowing that their dear Jeff was an everyday hero.

We'll miss you.

Me- 30's H- 40's
T-10 M-5
I moved out b/c he wanted space- June 15
D filed by H: September 16