Oh boy...here goes. When I came here 9 years ago, Jeff was already a legend. (and yea, yea, Jeff, I know you would hate that term). After awhile here, I began to wonder why he never posted to me. I would sign on and wish that today would be the day he would.

One day, I came on and saw that he finally did. Oh man, was I nervous...and excited. J3B had actually posted to me.

I should preface this by saying that when I first came to the forum, my name was Dippy. It referenced what I was called when I was a kid, and it had to do with my last name.

Jeff didnt know that. He didnt like the name. So, I sat back, ready to take in what he wrote to me. It was one short sentence. "Change your name, you are anything but Dippy. You are doing great." You can bet I changed my name. LOL!

He couldnt know how much his stopping by meant to me..at a time when I was as low as you could get. His simple words held such meaning. And that was him...a few short words to get a whole lot of meaning across.

I had to great pleasure of meeting him a few weeks ago. I was again nervous...this was J3B after all. I was ready to tell him what an honor it was and before I could, he said to me.."It's a great honor to meet you, D." I am so grateful I was able to tell him what his words had meant to me all those years ago and what his words to others meant. I would devour his stuff. We would have such fun on our crazy threads...our special group.

His value to this place is immeasurable. His value to the world is, too. He was a kind, warm, amazing man, with an irreverent sense of humor. Larger than life with an infectious smile. He accepted what life threw at him with grace and courage.

Jeff, because you meant so much to my brothers and sisters from here, you meant a great deal to me. You are one of a kind and will be greatly missed. Thank you for all you have done. Our loss is Heaven's gain.