As a moderator when JTB became a prolific and wise poster, and a mischievous poster. It turned out, he was very wise. And very well liked. A people magnet.

So I wanted him to moderate and asked Michele and Virginia and asked him. He was really reluctant. Jeff eventually agreed. His style was much better, and he made me want to be better.

Jeff can build community. It's evidenced by so many conversations on this board. It's evidenced in the connections he grew and maintained outside the board. He encouraged us to be better at our relationships and make it clear it's not for sissies.

And so a group of friends here were able to get together and surprise Jeff. They had the awesome privilege of making what would turn out to be a last great adventure one filled with love of friends and family.

Jeff is definitely humble. And kind. And hilarious. And loving. And has to be the most patient, because he was surely given enough to be patient about.

Jeff brings out the best in us. We are so much better for having him touch our lives. We will never be the same.

Love is PATIENT, love is KIND, LOVE never fails / DB since 2001