It's been so long since I posted here and yet this thread is like a familiar walk down memory lane. J3B was a giant among men, he gave more to these boards than anyone else I can think of. We shared many mutual friends off line but never struck up our own friendship, and I suppose I thought he didn't like me lol. The truth is that he intimidated me with his honesty in those days before I was living a truly authentic version of me. His no bullsh!t approach was all about respecting and caring so much about people that he gave them what they needed even if they didn't want it. He, along with many others, with his advice and challenges to do more, be more, be better made me the woman I am today.

I'm a better person for having crossed paths with J3B and those that he affected so deeply. RIP Jeff <3


Holding onto anger to punish someone else, is like lighting yourself on fire to get smoke in their eyes ~ 25yearsmlc