I will just say a few things that struck me about Jeff. When I was on the forums, he was always one I really looked forward to hearing from. Wasn't always easy to hear what he had to say, but I always respected it. I actually used to search out what he was telling other people as well just to get another bit of advice.

I remember a thread on here where instead about our [censored] situations, we talked about music. I posted up Dry The Rain by the Beta Band. He loved it. I hope that song gave him a bit more joy in his life.

I never met Jeff in person, but we did communicate outside the forum. I remember when he had to start using a wheelchair. The thing I remember about it, was it seemed like it was just mentioned in passing. He didn't dwell on it at all. Afterwards, if it was ever mentioned again, it was in perfect self deprecating fashion.

Which brings me to his sense of humor. I rarely use the term "LOL" but truth be told his comments made me do it many times. He might have been the one person more sarcastic than I am, he beat me at my own game. I will miss trying to out wit him, which I rarely did.

Peace Jeff. Perhaps SMOD2016 will win and we can both laugh about it together.


Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.