When you come to this place, you're in a pretty fragile state. Most of us didn't even know what this place was, and we had no way of knowing whether getting involved here would be a wise decision or not. It's just that we were so desperate, we were willing to try anything.

It doesn't take long to start noticing some names. They are people who have been through the hell you find yourself in, and they've been through it long enough that they've figured some things out. But even better, because of the quality person they are, they feel almost compelled to help others.

He wasn't Jack3Beans when I first came here. I can't remember anymore what his screen name was at that time. But I sure came to know it quickly.

Jeff had a way of knowing whether you needed a 2x4 or a thought-provoking question. He did not hesitate to call bs on stuff he knew was bs - stuff he knew would only make things longer and worse. And man, what a sharp mind he had. That was what always stood out to me about Jeff - he was wicked smart and he could read my words and know just what I was thinking.

I always hoped we would get to meet one day.

People, when you get a chance to do something you always wanted to do...find a way to do it. You never know if you'll get another chance. I'll cherish the trip last month for a long time, especially for the look on his face when he saw us coming up the stairs.

Like many from my time period on the board, I probably had more contact with Jeff after I left the board. Man, how I loved discussing issues with him. It thrilled my soul this past year when he and I were actually pulling for the same presidential candidate for while. I mean, if Jeff supported the same candidate I was supporting, I must be thinking right, you know?

I'm glad he's not bound to that wheelchair anymore - that's about the only good thing I can think of in his loss. I'm so sad for his parents, for his wife, and especially for the boys. I can't imagine the difficulty of losing such a son, husband, and father.

God bless you Jeff. Though we met only once, you were one of my most valued and cherished friends.

Though he didn't write this at the end of his posts, like some of the other guys did, Jeff was the embodiment to me of ...

...Strength and honor.

Love you my friend.


"Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon."