This news has had me in tears off and on all morning. The loss of Jeff is so tragic and unfair. His friends and family are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Back when I was on the boards it would scare the crap out of me to have Jack 3 Beans post on my thread lol! As brutally honest as I was on here, he never failed to hit me with even more knowledge. He was such a straight up, no nonsense person. Sometimes he aggravated me but I always had respect for him. He told it like it was, whether you liked it or not. Those are the kinds of people who impact my life the most. In recent times, our only contact was via Facebook. True to character, he was a teacher there as well. I often read his posts/rants regarding politics and other issues. I never failed to learn from him, even when he was being silly. His premature departure from this world leaves a huge hole online as well as in real life. I will always regret not going to NC last month to meet him in person. My deepest sympathies go out to everyone who loves him.