Floored .....

I was a newbie flopping around like a fish ... seriously reeling from everything that had happened in my life. Found this place and thankfully there were some vets who came in and patched me up, set me straight and were helping me along my journey.

I did not know Jack/Jeff personally, not even outside of this place but I can tell you without looking he posted on a few of my threads and I was amazed he took an interest. I recall a couple lines he dropped on me and 2 years later those words/concepts resonate with me to this day .... for me when Jack posted to you it was like your quiet GrandPa speaking up and everyone shut up and took note

As it was said, he would be one of the Mt Rushmore figures ... I am saddened by the loss if only for selfsih reasons as I still feel he could teach us all so much more, but I am honored to have learned what I did from this great man.

Rest in Peace Jack/Jeff ... you touched more people than you could possibly realize.

M: 48
W: 47
M16 T26-S8
BD Sept13