I was here a very long time ago, and thank God I cannot remember my username because I do not want to see who I was back then.
Over time I became acquainted with Jeff. Eventually we became email and phone buddies and have stayed in touch all these years. He was always there to listen and to give guidance. I knew I could count on him, and I am sure he knew the same about me.

Right now I have comfort in the fact that one day I told him that I loved him (platonically of course!) and he said he loved me too. After that it became a common way to end our correspondence. I am glad he knew.

He recently told me that it was on his bucket list to come meet me. I am not wrapping my head around the fact that this cannot happen.

Thanks, Jeff, for everything. You helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I am glad you were able to get to know the happy and confident girl that had disappeared for so long. You and some other friends from here got me to this place and I am forever grateful.

I love you, my friend.