Just got the message that Jeff "Jack" died today. Such sad news. I didn't know him personally like some of you did, but I felt like I did. Jeff was like the old vet who gave it to you straight - no BS. It wasn't always easy to hear, but it was always the truth and it was always helpful.

He used to always say, "You will get through this. You will survive. Quite possibly you will become a better person for this. A better parent, and have better skills in relationships."

At the time you read it, you don't believe him. But years later, I look back and every single word is true.

Thank you, Jeff, for all that you did to help me with my life crisis - you will never be forgotten. I will cherish your wisdom forever. Rest in Peace my friend.

T: 20
M: 15
D: 16
D: 14
Bomb dropped: 7/3/10
separated: 7/15/10
H moved in to new apt. with OW: 7/1/11
divorced: 8/26/12