Shortly after my separation I found myself laying on my living room floor in the fetal position wondering why I should continue on. My phone rang and it was Jack 3 beans, the good old days when we could contact one another circa 2007. Jack spent 2 hours talking to me, listening to me ball and giving me direction on how to get my act together. Him and I bonded that night which many old timers will tell you was the most illogical pairing in the world. He and I bantered lovingly back and forth on these boards and he continued to be a guide throughout my journey.

While I like to think I am a strong enough person to have made it through that night without him, I feel that I owe him a debt of gratitude that makes this day even more difficult because i do not know that I ever thanked him properly for what he did for me. Jack was compassionate and understanding and even as he struggled in his own marriage and trying to save it (which he was fairly successful at) he never once didn't make an effort to actively be a leader on these boards.

RIP pirate, it saddens me that the people on this board now will not have the pleasure of reading your tales and passionate stories. You will be missed more than you know.

Strength and Honor my friend,

Ian (Sofaraway)

M- 48
XW- mentally 17
KIDS- 3- S19, D23, D28
Married- 17 years
Divorce final- 10/16/09