I was so sad to hear this news this morning, really shook me up and I'm still reeling. I never post here anymore, but along with Coach and maybe one or two others, Jack was a giant here to whom I really looked up.

He's on the "Mount Rushmore of DB," surely.

And yet those last two items of praise would have really, REALLY made him uncomfortable . . . pissed him off actually.

Which is why he was a giant. smirk

Rest in peace, my friend. I learned so much from you, especially about how to help people and keeping that as my focus and tuning out all of the other noise and bullchit (which was often legion back then). I have so much respect for your commitment to that, and the way you lived out the "pay it forward" mantra that so many others SAY, but never really DO.

May God richly reward you for the lives you touched, including those you may not have ever even known. My faith tells me that now He is in fact showing you that, sorta like that guardian angel showed Jimmy Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life" what the town would have been like without George Bailey.

Strength and honor, and to you a much-deserved:

whistle whistle whistle whistle

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