Oh dear. My world is a darker place now that the light that was Jeff is no longer burning. A favourite author of mine once wrote that "A man's not dead while his name's still spoken." Jeff's words, his good humour and his kindness will live on and continue to provide inspiration and support for countless people.

I only encountered him online and not in real life. It was at a time when I was confused, scared and lost. Jeff's patience, good humour and Chicken Marsala recipe got me though some very dark times. He was a light that shone in that darkness that I thrived under and became stronger.

My thoughts and prayers go out not only to his real-life family who I am sure are struggling with the loss of him but also to the countless people both who knew Jeff through his kindness and the people beyond that whose lives were made richer, better and brighter because of his influence.

In one of his last posts to me he said that he was giving back to a community that had helped him and charged me also take up the challenge and give back which I have been doing. I charge all of those around to pick up a portion of the torch that Jeff was holding high and to light our own flames against the darkness. None of us can replace Jeff but we can spread his message of love, strength and kindness.

God bless Jack. Rest in peace.

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I am a storyteller. The story may do you no good.
But a story is never for the listener. It is always for the one who tells