J3B infuriated me at times. When someone like him or Mach posts to you, you don't get sweet words or platitudes, but you do get the truth, and you do come out the other side of the bomb stronger, with a deeper self knowledge, and on the road back to healing.

The thought of meeting him this summer scared the crap out of me, but in reality he was one of the funniest, snarkiest, deepest, kindest and most sincere men I've ever had the pleasure to have met.

He spoke of his parents and kids with true love. Despite his disability, he experienced true joy from living, especially in living in Alaska. He was proud of his years of service in the Coast Guard. He loved to cook, he loved to eat, he loved to drink, he loved to laugh, he just loved life.

His words and advice and spirit will live on and help countless others on this forum. I lift an old fashioned in your honor and memory, sweet friend.


Me 65, Ex 64
M 38 y
2 adult S, 4 G-Kids
MLC 11/07
BD 12/09
D 3/14
Dating nice guy 7/14
Engaged to nice guy 12/17